(subject to change)


Students should open pack 15 minutes before event times.

Events with an asterisk (*) are open to guests. Please note that all times are Eastern Time.

Saturday, May 8, 2021
Good Morning! Competition Weekend is Here! Pack 1 (please open by 11:00am)11:00 AMEDTGeneral Session
Pack 2 - Welcome* & Orientation Activities12:00 PMEDTGeneral Session
Pack 3 - Escape Room Activity (students only; previous RSVP required)3:14 PMEDTGeneral Session
Pack 4 - Fun Team Challenge Activity7:30 PMEDTGeneral Session
Sunday, May 9, 2021
Good Morning! Pack 5 - Meet the Mathletes (independent activity) (Deadline for Contest Submission: Monday 11:00am)11:00 AMEDTGeneral Session
Pack 6 - MATHCOUNTS Team Round12:00 PMEDTGeneral Session
Pack 7 - Math Video Challenge Finals*3:14 PMEDTGeneral Session
Pack 8 - Art of Problem Solving Presentation: Prepare to Change the World*7:30 PMEDTGeneral Session
For the Win! Event8:00 PMEDTGeneral Session
Monday, May 10, 2021
Good Morning! Pack 9 - Engineering Activity (independent activity) (Remember, Deadline for Contest Submission: Monday 11:00am) 11:00 AMEDTGeneral Session
Pack 10 - MATHCOUNTS Written Competition12:00 PMEDTGeneral Session
Pack 11 - Fun Countdown Round Event*3:14 PMEDTGeneral Session
Pack 12 - Closing Ceremonies*7:30 PMEDTGeneral Session